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Many of the residents in Gellerup and Toveshøj enjoy living there.

Rent levels match the housing standard, and there is a high level of social commitment in the associations.


However, the majority of residents are unemployed – and substantial social efforts as well as efforts aimed at boosting employment have so far not been able to change this situation. When only a few adults are working, it becomes difficult, for example, to create role models who can show the way for for children and young people.


Research from abroad shows that when housing areas are physically turned in on themselves and only consist of residential units, it greatly increases the risk of ghettoisation. A new and innovative approach is therefore required to make Gellerup and Toveshøj an integrated part of Aarhus.


It calls for the area not to be exclusively residential, but to also support businesses, shops and culture to an extent which makes a difference. And for this to happen, the district must be opened up physically towards the surrounding city.


To this end, the housing association Brabrand Boligforening and the City of Aarhus are jointly rolling out a master plan for Gellerup. The master plan is the first of its kind in Denmark, combining major physical changes with jobs, businesses, culture, social efforts and initiatives to ensure a safer district.


The master plan is the overall plan that describes how to change Gellerup and Toveshøj from a disadvantaged residential area to an attractive urban district. Through implementing physical changes, we are creating - in collaboration with the residents - the necessary foundation for social improvements.   


Opdateret: 13.1.2012

Afdeling: Aarhus Kommune og Brabrand Boligforening

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